Mulch is my middle name

It started innocently enough. Our next-door neighbors ordered some delivered mulch from the local landscaping place, and asked if we wanted a bit. (There’s a delivery minimum, so it makes sense to lump orders together). I looked around. ‘Sure,’ I thought, ‘we could use a touch-up.’ I asked them to order us two cubic yards.

Oh, the slippery slope that is mulching.

The front of our property facing the street was looking pretty shoddy. Black landscape fabric, put down last year, had become exposed on the slope over the winter, and soil and mulch had slid down onto the sidewalk (Side note: we really need a solution better than mulch. The juniper shrubs planted on one part of the slope seem to be holding down the fort pretty well; we’re also thinking of looking into other landscaping options). Meanwhile, those two yards of beautiful, double-ground oak hardwood mulch looked great…but covered just half of the front, a pretty sad look, to say the least.

Mulching work in progress

A lot of last year’s landscape fabric was exposed.

Mulching work in progress.

Oops! Those two cubic yards of mulch didn’t go as far as I had hoped.

I had also begun to notice other parts of our yard that could use a little more mulch. So when I called to order more…I may have gone a little overboard. I order 6 cubic yards of the same, rich stuff.

Mulch delivery

The delivery truck with our ambitious order of mulch…wow! Click here to see a surprisingly hypnotic video of the dump truck unloading its haul (I’ve watched this at least 7 times).

The process of spreading out all this stuff was made 100 times better by a splurge purchase – a Gorilla cart to replace our old, busted up wheelbarrow.

Gorilla eats mulch for breakfast - NC Garden Gals

My new baby…isn’t she pretty?

Before & after

Voila! With a little help from the Gorilla cart (and my dear husband), the front of the house is covered at last.

In back of the garage where too little cypress mulch last year was scattered and the wind had recently pulled up landscape fabric, half a dozen more cartloads made “quick” work of things.

Before & after behind garage

A new layer of mulch behind the garage.

Now, there is still a mound of mulch in my backyard. Sure, there are places to put it, but the work week calls and I’ll be out of town for work this weekend, too.

Mulch pile remaining

Now, what?

Yet in the end, she has not been rich who has not known a wealth of natural mulch. Better too much than too little, and I’m sure before long I will find it places to live. What is your favorite landscaping splurge?


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