Spring means lettuce

I love cool-weather crops because they’re some of my favorite things to eat. Maybe it’s because of the transient nature of the season, and how these plants have come to depend on it. Lettuce, radishes, collards and kale – all are their sweetest when the weather’s chilly, and become bitter when exposed to heat. Perhaps there’s a metaphor in there?

Anyway, I love lettuce in all its forms, and this spring’s weather has been perfect for it! I sowed seed back in early April, but I’m just getting around to sharing pictures.

Lettuce seeds

The two types of seeds I planted back in early April

Lettuce sprouts

The first sprouts coming up, less than a week after the seeds were planted.

Mesclun plants

Happy mesclun mix…this was before a wonderful steady rain the last few nights. Now they’re really taking off!


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