Garden parties & growing things

It doesn’t often happen that we have an opportunity to gather people outdoors at the perfect moment when flowers are blooming, the grass is freshly mowed, and the sun is shining. But this May that happy coincidence happened twice, in two different celebrations of the mothers in our lives!

Our little paradise - NC Garden gals

I love the front yard in afternoon light.

I loved making some special snacks and treats that we could enjoy outside.

Mothers Day berry tea - NC Garden Gals

Hibiscus berry tea with fresh mint.

Mothers Day shrimp appetizers - NC Garden Gals

Mango-shrimp mini appetizers, with basil from the garden.

Mothers Day celebration - NC Garden Gals

My maternal grandmother, Anne, turns 90 this year. In the background, I displayed pictures of all the moms who were not there on that day, including my mom Emily (far left) and paternal grandmother Nora (to my right).

A few weeks later, when my mother-in-law was in town, we took the opportunity to gather again! This time we were treated to a song by our sister-in-law and niece, who are both very musical. It was the most beautiful music that ever happened in our front yard!

Singing in the garden - NC Garden Gals

“Begin Again” by Taylor Swift, made more lovely by these two talented gals and the sunny setting.

Baptisia hot poker plant - NC Garden Gals

Baptisia & hot poker plant are the May stunners in the perennial garden.

Red azaleas in May - NC Garden Gals

The red azaleas were lovely until a rainstorm knocked down the blossoms shortly after this photo was taken.

How have you enjoyed your garden this spring?


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