Drought and everything after

We’re headed into a drought here in the Western North Carolina mountains, and wouldn’t you know, my husband and I left on vacation right as it was starting and came back to a very dry landscape.

The perennials aren’t quite as lush as usual, but they’re definitely still putting on a show!

Day lilies in June - NC Garden Gals

The day lilies by the fence did just fine!

Coneflower blooms - NC Garden Gals

Coneflower blooms – one of my favorite yearly appearances.

Back in the early spring, I planted a box of crocosmia bulbs I picked up on a whim at the garden supply store. I don’t know whether to be disappointed that only one bulb made it, or thrilled because one spectacular red flower appeared in my garden!

Crocosmia bloom - NC Garden Gals

Crocosmia – a nice addition to the garden. I’ll have to try these again and hope more of the bulbs make it!

Two crops that seem unfazed by the dry weather are our blueberries and blackberries. Granted, they’re a little picked over by the whole family of mockingbirds currently calling our yard home, but they’re more than welcome to these juicy berries – there are plenty to go around.

Blueberries & blackberries - NC garden gals

I hope your summer is off to a good start, and may you have plenty of rain where you are!


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