Small summer harvests

Despite spending so very little time cultivating the garden this summer, gifts from the garden are appearing here and there this time of year! I had almost forgotten about the hot peppers, growing as they are in the shadow of our huge tomato plants, but they’re beginning to bear fruit:

Fish pepper - NC Garden Gals

Variegated fish peppers – so pretty!

First pepper harvest - NC Garden Gals

The first peppers of the season. I couldn’t help but pick some of the pretty fish peppers before they were mature, but I’ll let the rest of them mature to red before picking. The others are a cayenne variety.

The garlic planted last December showed every sign of being ready to dig up. In fact, I didn’t get around to trimming off the scapes (oops!) so they flowered and formed tiny “bulbils” on the tops before flopping over. I saved these tiny bulbils, which can be planted and, after several years of cultivation, would yield more garlic.

This year’s harvest looks surprisingly good!

Garlic harvest - NC Garden Gals

The garlic harvest, which is now curing on a wire rack in the garage. Yum!

We also have herbs, herbs, herbs! I’m trying to cut and dry some of the staples – thyme, oregano, mint, catnip. (The cats are very interested in the fresh catnip, so I have to dry it somewhere out of reach). I’m a little puzzled trying to figure out when to harvest dill flower heads for seed…ours are still yellow and flowering, but I’m hoping the seeds will be apparent soon and I can dry them, too.

Dill seed head - NC garden gals

Dill flowers on the back porch. I hope I’ll guess right about when the seeds are mature and ready to dry!


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