A new year, a fresh start

The socially and politically tumultuous winter months matched the darkness of the season this year. In times like these, we all search for some sense of normalcy. When – finally – the days begin to stretch a little longer on either end, it is a relief to find the garden growing as it always does.

This winter was so mild that I planted daffodils in soft ground in late December, right around the holidays. And sure enough, not a month and a half later they peeked out, surviving a few hard freezes to grace us with sunny smiles.

New daffodil patch - NC Garden Gals

A new patch of daffodils surviving the cold

A few times when a particularly bad cold snap was expected, I went on a cutting spree to rescue the yellow and white blossoms from the low temperatures. (It turns out they would have been fine outside, but who doesn’t love an excuse to bring cut flowers indoors?)

Cut flowers - NC Garden Gals

Daffodils rescued from the cold (or that was the excuse for cutting them, anyway)

I hope to update the blog more now that spring has arrived. I hope you have weathered these dark months okay. Remember that nothing you do for good in the world, however small, is in vain. A whole garden grows from the tiniest seeds.

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