Veggies of early spring

With mild temperatures throughout the winter months (a sign of the changing climate), I gambled and sowed lettuce and radish seeds in the month of February!

Seed planting in February - NC Garden Gals

I started seeds early this year due to mild temperatures – and was not disappointed!

I’ve recently discovered a love for radishes, which I’m finding isn’t shared by a lot of people. I like to slice them paper-thin and put them atop salads – they add such a beautiful glow and crunch. And they’re so easy to grow! Do you enjoy radishes?

By mid-March, the lettuce seeds were turning into large plants and needed thinning, and I started a second batch of seeds. Both generations have done marvelously, and we have enough lettuce to feed an army around here.

2 stages of lettuce - NC Garden Gals

Lettuce planted in two stages flourishing in the raised bed garden.

April radish harvest NC Garden Gals

The first radish to be harvested – a “French breakfast” radish. Yum!

I also had a delightful surprise – 2 volunteer carrots from I-don’t-know-when! I think I may have planted these seeds two spring seasons ago. While the resulting carrots were only enough for one serving, I loved watching them grow and think I may have to add carrots to the permanent rotation.

Carrot volunteers - NC Garden Gals

What a nice surprise to have some carrots surface from a previous planting

Carrot harvest - NC Garden Gals

My two small carrots. Two is better than none, I suppose.

Carrots chopped - NC Garden Gals

The final results of the carrot harvest. I enjoyed every bite.

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